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Have you ever imagined receiving a call from your dream university confirming your enrollment? What a life time opportunity it would be to get your hands onto one of the leading institutions of the world without going through any hassle! Yes, Off Campus Consulting is here to make your dreams a reality. We provide just the right guidance to get your name on the list of Australia’s higher education institutions. Equipped with well-trained staff and professionals, this consultancy will leave you in awe when it comes to providing education and immigration consultancy.

Australia has always been known for its leading universities like Southern Cross University. Off Campus Consulting grabs the hands of the aspiring students and make their educational journey easier by helping them get enrolled in these universities and facilitating them in terms of immigration, travel and residence. We provide facilities in terms of admission to all those students interested in studying there. The services include everything from the course counseling to application submission. The professionals on board have all the information regarding the universities in Australia and their procedures for admission. They inform the students about the required material and pre-requisites for getting enrolled in Australian universities.

Off Campus Consulting works in collaboration with government to make admissions in Australian universities easier and possible. We provide a range of options to the students when it comes to studying in Australia. They guide the students in terms of their field and subject of interest. Accordingly they inform them which university best suits their needs and meets their expectations. Once this is done, the preparation for admission begins. Guidance is provided by the consultants in terms of the selection of right subjects and making right choices while selecting the university.

We are well known for our high quality services and training provided to the students. We help prepare the students for entry exams and tests without which admission in Australian universities is not possible. We make sure that the students achieve good grades in those tests. Most of the entry tests are based on English language like IELTS and TOEFL. They check the English language speaking and writing abilities of the students so that they do not have any trouble while studying in their desired institution. Off Campus Consulting makes sure that the student is well prepared for these tests.

Guidance is not only provided in terms of education but Off Campus Consulting also offers immigration services . From getting the visa to boarding on the plane, each and every thing in controlled and well managed by the team of Off Campus Consulting. We help the students get their visa and tickets easily. We also manage all the necessary documents required for boarding. Not only this, we also aid in terms of residential facilities to the students in Australia.

Reaching New Educational Milestones in Australia

Are you fond of traveling abroad and studying in your desired institution? Have you always been wanting to achieve high standard education but could not get a chance to do so? Well, Off Campus Consulting is here to rescue you then. With one of the best team on board, this consultancy tops the charts when it comes to providing educational and immigration services to students aspiring to go abroad. The professionals on board inform the students about all the study in Australia requirements so that they get their hands on the material needed for immigration.

A number of students in Pakistan face the problem of getting themselves enrolled in Australian universities. These universities are always looked up into by these students and many of them are unable to get a chance to reach there just because of lack of information and guidance. Off Campus Consulting provides services in terms of study in Australia for Pakistani students with the aim of helping all these students reach their dreams. From the selection of right subjects to choosing the appropriate institutions, all the guidance is provided to them under one roof. All you have to do is to contact the team at Off Campus Consulting and you’re all set to go.

There are however, some Australia student visa requirements for Pakistan which need to be fulfilled by the students in order to get enrolled in the universities there. The skilled staff of Off Campus Consulting helps you in terms of meeting all these requirements. Firstly, all the required educational and personal documents are collected which include previous results, certificates, photographs, id-card etc of the student. Once all of this has been collected and compiled, the next step is to begin preparing for the entry exams and tests. There are some universities in Australia which demand an entry exam. This exam is mostly based on English language and mathematics. It checks whether the student is capable of getting admitted in the university or not. The team at Off Campus Consulting has all the required knowledge and information about these exams and they help the students prepare for them.

Apart from the entry exams there are also a few English language tests that need to be given prior to visa application. These tests include IELTS and TOEFL. They are both English language tests that check the speaking and writing abilities of the students. The consultants on board help the students prepare well for these tests so that they are able to meet the band requirement for Australia study visa.  For undergraduate programme, the standard band requirement for IELTS is 6.5 and not less than 6.0. For graduate programme, the requirement in 7.0 and no band less than 6.5. TOEFL is an internet based test and its requirement for entry in Australian university is a score between 60 and 90. There is another test with the name of CAE and its required score is 169 to 176 for getting enrolled.

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