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Off Campus Consulting is one of the best study abroad consultants in Lahore with a deep understanding of every student’s study abroad needs and complements the same with the right solution. Our specialization in the field of foreign education, places the student on the right career path at the right educational institute. We are the step-ladder to studying undergraduates and working professionals of skilled and non-skilled backgrounds.

Our name is the essence of our services where we offer counseling and personalized attention in order to help students understand the available choices and then fulfill their long-term career-related aspirations. Study And Work Abroad represent universities, colleges and educational institutions in Sweden, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, UK, and other top destinations. Many a time, students and their families are unaware of what they want to study, where do they have to study and what is the process involved in pursuing their study abroad dreams. This is where Study And Work Abroad invest its vast experience, making the whole process of applying to international universities an easy process. We guide students in every step of their application process right from the time they start thinking about studying abroad till they have arrived at their international university. Education is the ability to be prepared for and meet life’s situations. Thus, our team of experienced educators and career professionals take utmost care and interest in guiding students towards a career suitable to their aptitude. Clear, honest advice and including parents in the decision is an important aspect of our processes.

With the current changing trends in the education system and the rise in fierce competition between different educational sectors, the demand for high class and exclusive studies is rising. This makes students all over Pakistan to search for such institutions that boost their educational level. In such a situation, Off Campus Consulting cones to rescue. Equipped with a team of trained professionals, this organization aims at reaching out to the top most educational institutions around the globe and linking students of Pakistan to them.

Off Campus Consulting is known for providing top notch packages to students which include helping them in terms of their education, selecting the most suitable institution, applying abroad, visa procedure and rest of the post arrival activities. This procedure is conducted by the skilled workforce that is particularly trained in terms of all educational fields, maintaining links with institutions abroad and giving the required guidance to students aspiring to go abroad. With this motto, Off Campus Consulting excels in providing students with their desired higher education.

CEO’s Message

For me, education is one of those necessities without which life is unimaginable. Education acts as a seed that helps in nurturing and growing a plant which in turn provides fruit for all. Students of today are just like that plant which when in its full swing i.e. after having acquired the right education, can prove fruitful and beneficial not only for themselves and their families but also for their community and nation on the whole.

With the rapid increase in the demand for international education, my aim towards this project of Off Campus consulting is to provide that one stop solution for the students belonging to every field to acquire high standard of education from abroad. My team endeavors to provide all sorts of facilities and compensations to make the students get the most from their tour abroad and get enrolled in the best institutes worldwide. Our consultants carefully plan the paths of our valuable students to make them achieve their goals smoothly. We guarantee them a lifelong support whenever required to make them excel in the field of education because for me there is no end to the acquisition of education.

We look forward to serve you for your dream study destinations.

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